Democracy Isn't A Spectator Sport

Our entire movement depends on our ability to convince everyday Coloradans that we do have the power to change the environment we live in and the policies that fund our programs and services. That requires all of us getting involved and making sure our issues, our ideas, and our principles not only lead the conversation, but provide hope and a path forward.

In order to do that, we need you.

We need millennials and grandparents.

We need community leaders and those who just got here.

We need artists, musicians, and creative thinkers.

We need activists and first-time voters.

We need drag queens, kings, and everyone in between.

We need poets and orators.

We need door knockers and extroverts.

We need meme posters and introverts.

We need scientists and custodians.

We need Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and Republicans.

We need environmentalists and those working in the oil fields.

We need you to support our efforts and join the movement to make Colorado a leader in reclaiming our future and providing a pathway to a more just society.

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