Queer Liberation

The fight for queer liberation in Colorado and throughout the United States is a movement built on courageous individuals willing to call for direct action to counter society’s oppressive, heteronormative shame with pride for our queer identity and a demand for systematic change to a system that marginalizes everyone in the queer community, but especially queer people of color, working-class queer people, genderqueer people, and all those left out of the mainstream LGBTQ movement.

Queer Liberation is intersectional with strong anti-racist policies to address massive inequities and unjust ideologies that have criminalized, brutalized, and marginalized queer people of color as well as fierce demands for economic justice through fighting corporations, challenging workplace discrimination, and ensuring housing as a human right.

My campaign aims to dismantle the idea that the issues of queer people do not involve the struggles embodied by the movements to organize labor or abolish white supremacy, but that instead queer liberation is a necessary intersection where social, economic, and political justice must intersect to the oppose the oppressive patriarchal system that keeps all of us out of power and easily ignored.

Queer Liberation seeks to identify and address major issues such as:

  • The queer community earns as little as $0.68 for every dollar that a heterosexual, cisgender man earns, even when qualifications are equal or even greater for the queer worker
  • Up to 43% of queer employees say that they’ve experienced discrimination in the workplace because of their sexual preferences, even though ¼ of them haven’t made their queer identity known
  • 1 out of 5 transgender people have experienced homelessness in their lives
  • Transgender people of color were 6.2x more likely to experience police violence

Addressing these issues in Colorado calls for a political revolution and a comprehensive plan to put the needs of people above that of corporations and profit-driven institutions.

My campaign identifies a number of areas that we can fight for queer liberation not only through expressing our pride in the face of heteronormativity, but by instituting sweeping changes to the Colorado law.

Queer New Deal

Housing a Human Right

Queer youth are disproportionately likely to become or remain homeless due to overt discrimination when seeking alternative housing – widespread discrimination in federally funded institutions frequently contributes to the growing rates of homelessness among LGBT youth. Once homeless, these youth experience greater physical and sexual exploitation than their heterosexual counterparts.

Rent Relief

  • Under the Rent Relief Act, a refundable tax credit would be available to those who make less than $100,000 a year and spend at least 30 percent of their income on rent, including utilities. We would limit also landlords from raising rates and buying up properties during this period while making it easier for tenants to seek assistance from the state government to make their ends meet.

Not For Profit Mortgages

  • First-time home owners will be able to acquire a Not For Profit Mortgage from the State of Colorado at an incredibly low rate with an even smaller down payment in order to allow those who would not be able to afford a home, access to building wealth and credit.

Queer Art Project

As part of the New Deal in 1935, Franklin Delano Roosevelt invested the revenue from taxing the 1% directly into a massive arts project to fund art community centers and employ over 10,000 artists across the country. It was not only to create necessary cultural activity but as a relief measure to employ artists and artisans to create murals, easel paintings, sculpture, graphic art, posters, photography, theatre scenic design, and arts and crafts.

We desperately need to do this for the queer community and ensure that we create safe, high-paying jobs whose art is fully funded without restriction to content or subject matter. This means funding everyone from drag queens to queer poets and story tellers to queer activists making a statement.

The funding will be provided by our taxes on the 1% and will be granted by a queer community board setup to employ those in the community to make their art with high priority for queer people of color, working-class queer people, genderqueer people, and all those left out of the mainstream LGBTQ movement.

Guaranteed Job

Ensuring financial stability and work place safety is crucial to queer liberation. With my campaign’s unprecedented investments in green renewable technology, education, and the arts – we will be able to promise everyone a good paying job, with many opportunities to give back to our great state.

The fight for Queer Liberation must address the discrimination that has persisted in the state of Colorado from the queer pay gap to discrimination in housing, the workplace, and throughout society. We must have the courage to take on homophobia and transphobia and demand systematic change.

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