Housing as a Human Right

When we talk about legislating housing a human right, many wonder what that exactly means and how would would our campaign approach this meaningfully..

Housing as a human right means that our access and our guarantee to having a home comes before someone else’s privilege to earn a profit.

It means disassembling the tax breaks that have incentivized companies to ignore residents.

It means providing housing to the homeless as Utah has done because not only did it reduce their chronic homeless population by 91%, it was much cheaper in the long run and gave people the power to function in society and more importantly, treated them with the dignity that every human being should be treated with.

We need to follow Utah’s foot steps and address our homeless population with authentic compassion and through reasoned, well-tested proposals that have shown to be effective.

We also need to focus on making housing more affordable for all of us. Colorado’s affordable housing crisis has left too many families behind who struggle each month to keep a roof over their head. Our proposals will ensure no family is priced out of the basic security of a place to live and that we can get people into homes where they are building capital instead of paying it to landlords.

Rent Relief

Under the Rent Relief Act, a refundable tax credit would be available to those who make less than $100,000 a year and spend at least 30 percent of their income on rent, including utilities. We would limit also landlords from raising rates and buying up properties during this period while making it easier for tenants to seek assistance from the state government to make their ends meet.

Not for Profit Mortgages

First-time home owners will be able to acquire a Not For Profit Mortgage from the State of Colorado at an incredibly low rate with an even smaller down payment in order to allow those who would not be able to afford a home, access to building wealth and credit.

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