Free Contraceptives and Reproductive Healthcare

Key components of the Contraceptive Equity Act include:

  • Cover the cost of every service at Planned Parenthood and make their clinics absolutely free to everyone who needs them
  • Eliminate all co-payments for birth control.
  • Cover the cost for contraceptives at institutions such as Free and Income Based Clinics and institutions such as Planned Parenthood
  • Lift pre-authorization requirements for Coloradans obtaining IUDs and implants.
  • Make Colorado the first state in the nation to provide equity in contraception access for men by broadening coverage of vasectomies without co-payments.
  • Makes\ Colorado the first state in nation to provide insurance coverage for over-the-counter contraceptive medications, like emergency contraception such as Plan B.
  • Allow an individual to receive six months of birth control at one time so that she no longer has to return to her doctor or to the pharmacy each month to pick up her birth control.

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