Tax on Carbon

Our Carbon Tax proposal is based on the idea that if you are a corporation or an oil and gas company and your business is polluting the environment by adding excess carbon to everyone’s else detriment, you should have to pay for it.

This tax is designed to encourage Colorado utilities, corporations, and businesses to reduce their overall carbon forotprint and at the same time increase their energy efficiency. A carbon tax also makes alternative energy more cost-competitive with cheaper, polluting fuels like coal, natural gas and oil.

Colorado wouldn’t be alone in implementing this proposal and would follow nations like Canada, the U.K., Sweden, and dozens of other countries who have successfully implemented this tax without destroying their economy or costing workers their jobs.

In fact, by implementing a carbon tax now, we can save money in the long-run by switching to renewable energy sources sooner and investing those taxes into repairing our environment now rather than waiting until fixing our environment becomes impossible or much more expensive.

This tax would only be levied on large corporations and utility companies like coal, oil, gas, and electric who disproportionately pollute our environment and not on individual Coloradans. The reason for this is that many Coloradans are unable to change their basic daily consumption due to their economic circumstances and often without the industry providing an alternative first. By targeting the biggest polluters we can force systemic change and make those who damage our environment, pay for the bill.

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